What Are The Odds That You Will Win?

What Are The Odds That You Will Win?

Football betting odds are becoming higher and higher because Football is without an uncertainty, most popular sport in USA. Football is played all over from High school leagues, professional leagues and college leagues, everybody is just watching it. That is the reason it is not a surprise that the very popular betting now is Football betting. It is necessary to know that how can you bet and what are the odds of that you will win? Like Sbobet Bookies that known for giving fair and fast odds. You also can access the other sites like this site that provide by Sbobet itself.

First, you should know the types of bets you will make. The first one is the Point Spread bet. Point Spread bets includes two teams, one is the winning team and the other one is losing team. There should be a particular amount of points that the teams you are betting on require to achieve to know if they’ve won.

If this team is the best team, naturally, individuals are betting more on this team. Even so, the most popular teams lose. How made it happen that a dropping off team can really win the bet? Just, in spread bet, you don’t trust on the end of the Game points only. There is as well a chance of winning even if the Game is bound and of course, if the team on which you bet won.

Spread betting is a little somewhat complicated for the beginners so you should not pick this betting, if you are just coming out. Since fully fledged players play this bet, the Football betting odds are modest for inexperienced bettors. Another kind of betting is the Money Line. Money Line is the most basic one since it does follow the formal rules of you just posting a bet on the team you like, no complications whatever. Even so, in Money line, the bets you would make will be higher because it is a much easier task to decrypt who will lose or win.

Several other kinds of Football betting are over/under bets, futures, parlays, totals and squares. What is the way to win a bet and what are the stakes? Always keep in mind that in Football betting likes any Gambling, most of the time the bettors will win. This is just because they are knowledgeable. They know all the sports books already, from cover to cover and so Football betting odds are genuinely 50%-50%.

Although, if you are genuinely wishing to learn and you are genuinely enthusiastic into acquiring a stable income out of this, you can. What you can do is service of online Football betting tutorials, where you can learn a lot not only the basics of betting but as well some bonus learning. Always keep in mind that, you can never win if you have not experienced losing.

Tips to Prevent You from Getting Lost in a Las Vegas Casino

Tips to Prevent You from Getting Lost in a Las Vegas Casino

As a Las Vegas regular, I always laugh at the number of people that I come across that find themselves lost in the Las Vegas casinos. While Las Vegas casinos can be very daunting and confusing places, there are certain tips that you can follow to ensure that you reduce your chances of getting lost.

First off, some Las Vegas casinos will offer you a map to the facilities at the concierge desk. Do not count on all of the casinos doing this since this is less and less common all of the time. Most casinos would love for you to get lost since you might have a higher chance of deciding to play. To find out more about why casinos do not want you at have a map, read this.

When I did not head there as often as I do now, I used to take a picture of the entrance that I came in when I would get to a Las Vegas casino. By pulling the picture back up on my digital camera, I could find clues that would lead me in the direction of where I wanted to go.

In the same tone, if you take note of some of the tallest features in the area of where you want to get back to, in a Las Vegas casino, you will have a better chance than by picking out features that are closer to the floor. There are a lot of tall displays, statues, pillars, and slot structures that tower over the rest of a Las Vegas casino. These can be seen from a distance.

I know that this sounds simple, but when in doubt, ask someone. My preferred person for asking directions is a Las Vegas casino security guard. It is part of the job for a Las Vegas security guard to know the way around the casino. There is a lot more that Las Vegas casino security guards can help you with. To learn more,read this.

The next time that you find yourself in a Las Vegas casino, try to follow these tips to help to prevent you from getting lost. If you do still get lost, these tips will go a long way in cutting down your time of wondering around. There is nothing worse than wasting unneeded time in a Las Vegas casino. There is t much fun to be had to waste.

Review of Homebet88 Poker Website

Review of Homebet88 Poker Website

Homebet88 Poker is an online poker site where players can play with real money and play money. Thousands of players across the world play at Homebet88 everyday. This review of Full Tilt Poker will go over the ease of use, the different game styles, and the different stakes.
Ease of Use

Homebet88 Poker is one of the easiest poker websites to use. A simple download will give you the ability to start playing for fake money, and another click on the “Cashier Button” will allow you to play poker with real money.

To join a game, simply click on the type of game style, pick what stakes you want, and click on the empty seat at the table. Homebet88 Poker makes it very easy to get into the game, as well as add money to your account, which can be a bad thing if you aren’t careful. If you lose all of your money, the next minimum cash deposit is $50, which will stop some compulsive gamblers from constantly depositing money into their account.

Game Styles

Homebet88 Poker offers players the opportunity to play different styles of Poker. These styles include Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha, Stud, and Razz. Texas Hold ‘Em is the most popular game on the Homebet88 site, which utilizes thousands of different tables. Full Tilt also offers poker tournaments and Sit amp; Go playing styles.

Different Stakes

The Full Tilt Poker review would not be complete without a review of the different stakes that the website offers. Buy-ins can range from as high $5,500 to as low as $1. The higher the stakes the more you can potentially earn, but you can lose it if you are not careful. With a $1 buy-in, first place at a 9-person table will win $4.50. With a $10 buy-in, first place at a 9-person table will win $45. Depending on the stakes involved, and the amount of people at the table, there will be different places paid.

Homebet88 Poker offers a different number of places at tables. The lowest number of people in a game is 6, but Homebet88 has tournaments for as many as 180 different people. These large tournaments are very fun, but can take anywhere from 2 hours to 6 hours, so make sure you have enough time to complete a large tournament before you join one.

I recommend Homebet88 Poker to any responsible person who is looking for a little fun when they can’t make it to the real casino. Once again, please be careful not to become a compulsive gambler.



Becoming a Poker Pro Player

Becoming a Poker Pro Player

Since the poker craze started many of us have fantasized or thought about how cool it would be to become a Poker Pro. Being realistic to yourself is the first step to eventual success; and even if you don’t become the next Johnny Chan or Chris Moneymaker you can still become a good poker player with a rewarding experience and some extra cash in your pocket.
Since the majority of ‘semi-pros’ make their poker livings online, that’s the area I’ll focus on for this article. I personally think if your making even a partial income through online poker you are in fact a ‘pro’ in many aspects. My experience with online poker was a wild ride and still continues to be. I only play No-Limit Texas Hold Em and to quote the movie Rounders- “In No Limit not only can you watch a man lose all his chips in a single hand, but his mind along with it”.

I got my start playing a few small cash games at college with friends, losing to my one friend quite often. Sometimes by playing in this site Off and on I dabbled in online poker to brush up on my skills and have some fun. I’ve also played in small tournaments, my largest in person one being with over 150 people. One day I decided to take the financial plunge and play for cash online. Within a few hours my initial bankroll quadrupled; I felt I was playing excellent poker with some added luck of course. I of course hit a bad beat and my bankroll dwindled; within a week I lost not only my initial bankroll but more then I would’ve liked to from my financial portfolio.

So here’s a few tips from my real world experience and I think advice others would support as well especially relevant in online poker.

– Most poker sites will let you set a deposit limit; Full Tilt where I play was nice enough to set the minimum limit after my string of bad beats which protects me from letting my emotions get the best of me.

– Make sure your bankroll is enough to pad your playing for a while. Always do the max buy in at a table (advice I didn’t heed early on) so you can survive the blinds and the swings inevitable in this game. Don’t feel weird taking 20 bucks into an online table that is 5cent/10cent blinds; pots can easily reach a nice chunk of money since it is no limit.

– Never be blinded by your own hand. The movie Rounders makes this point clear; Mike was so focused on his full house that he had Teddy KGB on a Flush; he lost 30k because Teddy had a higher full house. It may only be a movie, but its easy to be blinded by your hand and assume that you have it won. You need confidence in your hand so you play like its the best, but always consider a higher hand could be there and your opponents betting may give you some hints.

– Raise if you’re late action; early action betting risks you losing your bet because 2 seats down someone could be holding the hole cards. Especially risky pre-flop.

– Make notes; Full Tilt allows you to make tabbed notes on each player; sometimes this can mean the difference between taking down a pot and losing all your money.

– Play sober and alert. This is an obvious one; I lost my initial buy in and let my emotions charge me up to buy back in. For some people this becomes a battle to regain lost money which means you’ll be chasing far off straight draws; going all in with the lower pocket pair, and ignoring the signs of a higher hand at the table. Set a limit or walk away after a bad beat for a few days.

You might be asking why after a string of bad beats and lost money I’d be back on the game? To be honest I enjoy online poker and I enjoy Texas Hold Em; I enjoy playing it and watching it. I became re-inspired by pro Chris Fergason (Who actually plays freerolls with regulars on Full Tilt).

Chris told on a challenge; turn 1 dollar on Full Tilt Poker into 30 thousand dollars in 3 months time. Now this is a millionaire, WSOP winner playing with 1 dollar to start. This means he played at the lowest limit possible, I believe 2 cent/4 cent blinds. Hes used to betting hundreds and thousands on a single hand and here he is playing at a table where if the pot reached 5 bucks it was big. Through patience, bankroll management, and excellent playing he turned 1 dollar into 30 thousand in 3 months.

His next challenge he has decided will be to turn ZERO dollars into 25 thousand in 3 months. He will do this by winning a free roll and moving from there.

I have begun playing online again, I play free rolls when I have the time. Places 1st-27th get paid with prizes ranging from 15 dollars to 2 dollars which if managed properly can grow over time. Also I am in the USA so it is getting harder for me to deposit money into the game, my goal is to place in at least one free roll and begin a drive to grow my bankroll. I believe it will increase my skills and my patience.

So go and play some cards, and don’t forget to have fun!

Online Poker for Mac and Linux Users

Online Poker for Mac and Linux Users

Playing poker is definitely a great way to relax oneself. In this busy world, this game is a great way to gain leisure and free your mind from all of the stress that happens in your everyday nerve-racking life. Aside from this, playing poker is also a good chance for you to associate with other people. You can build camaraderie and make long-lasting friends here. I myself love playing poker, but due to my hectic schedule, I just cannot afford to go to casino anymore. However, this does not hamper me from not playing. Why stop yourself from playing this great game? Even if you cannot play within the walls of a conventional card-room, you can still do it in the comfort of your own home. Yes, I’m talking about online Poker here.

As a Mac user myself, I love online Poker, and I wonder why Windows users do not get the same benefits as I do. But Macs can be a pain when it comes to playing poker online. The bulk of online poker playing is determined through downloading software that is compatible with your Windows operating system. Cross-platform downloads have burst up sporadically but as a record, no multi-platform compatible downloadable software contains any good share of the market.

Good thing there is an alternative for Macintosh and Linux users just like me. Some online poker rooms are compatible even with the Mac and Linux operating systems in the instance that you are using an emulator, like Virtual PC. There are of course other emulators in the market that give the same performance as the first. Moreover, Party Poker, Full Tilt Poker, and Pacific Poker also offer some good software for Macs.

By this, nothing will prevent you from playing at your favorite Poker room online, and you will never have to endure faulty performance just because your operating system does not match the program. I understand that aside from the fun and the friends that you will gain, nothing can beat the money you will receive through playing Poker. So enjoy yourself and reach for the pot!

Online Gambling: Should it Be Legal?

Online Gambling: Should it Be Legal?

I consider myself to be an average person. I have hobbies and interests, one of them being poker. I have a few friends that I get together with to play the game. I also like to play online. I usually only play in the tournaments that cost no money to play, but I also will occasionally get in a cash game. The buy in is what I consider to be low, a dollar or two at the most. The pay out is also very minimal, I don’t think I have a financial future in it. But, it keeps me out of the bars and out of trouble.
Recently, I attempted to join a new online site and was informed that due to legislation instigated by the Bush administration, I would be denied access to any real money games. I was a little shocked. I am not a problem gambler. I pay my taxes and claim every cent of income at tax time. Why is this a problem?

I guess I understand the reasons why it is not legal. Some say that millions of dollars are flooding out of the US, unregulated and untaxed. I would be inclined to agree. However, Americans should still have the right to spend the money that they earn any way that they choose. I also understand not every American spends wisely at every moment in their life. Big deal. We are inclined to make mistakes, it’s in our nature. Not to mention the fact that it is often mistakes that teaches us to change our behavior. Not everyone has the extra money lying around to gamble with and those are most certainly the people who should avoid such hobbies.

Personally, I don’t see the harm in it for those who can play in a responsible manner. I don’t wager large amounts of money and it doesn’t affect my financial well being. I could pull more money from my couch after a few friends stop by compared to what I’ve won. None the less, I love the feeling of winning a huge pot of chips, knowing I out-played my opponent. The pressure that builds surrounding even the lowest stake game can be incredible as the cards are slowly turned over by the dealer. For me the game is more about wits than money. The thrill I get from playing poker is one I wish to continue to have.

The way it stands now, Americans are limited to traveling to the usual places to wager, Las Vegas, Atlantic City and where I live, casinos on Native American reservations. Some of us don’t have the time or the means to travel to these places, that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to try our luck at a hand or two of poker. To me, that’s just not fair.

If online gambling was legalized in the states, more than one thing could be accomplished. I think a serious amount of revenue could be generated from tax dollars collected from the online casinos. Other programs could be subsidized, dollars could go to reducing the national debt, well, I think you get the picture. I feel as if the pros out-weigh the cons. I think America could seriously benefit from allowing the indulgence in this time-honored tradition. Don’t you?

Online Gambling Shutdown

Online Gambling Shutdown

It’s officially no dice for online gambling in the United States now. President Bush signed the Security and Accountability For Every (SAFE) Port Act of 2006 into law on Friday, October 13, 2006. The basic purpose of this law is to bolster security at US ports to prevent terrorists from smuggling in nuclear weapons. However, it also contains an unrelated provision that severely restricts online gambling. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act makes transactions from banks or similar institutions to online gambling sites illegal.
Just a few hours earlier, gaming firm Sportingbet sold most of its US business for the nominal sum of one dollar to avoid accusations of profiting from illegal business. Other foreign-based casinos are closing their clients’ U.S. accounts so if you have a casino account with one, don’t be surprised to get an email regretfully informing you that your account is being closed.

I don’t suppose I would think this was the height of hypocrisy if the reasons being given for doing this didn’t include statements indicating moral concern about underage gambling and gambling addictions. Get real. We’ve got State lotteries up the kazoo over here, and the list of states with land casinos continues to grow. Therefore, gambling is okay as long as you are playing the lottery, gambling in a U.S. land-based casino, or going to a racetrack.

Online gambling requires you to deposit money with a casino in another country. If you win anything, then the casino must transfer money back to you. Credit cards have long been rejecting these types of transfers, but third party sites such as Neteller and Firepay accept deposits and winnings. Paypal used to, however, when eBay bought Paypal, it stopped accepting these types of transfers. Neteller’s stock fell 60% when news of the measure was made public this past September.

No major U.S. companies were able to set up internet gambling sites because of the 1961 Wire Act, which prohibited telephone transmissions to bet across state lines. However, many American entrepreneurs were still raking in a bundle by setting up gambling advice websites and becoming affiliates of online gaming sites. These sites received a share of all lost wagers from each account they signed up that could be as much as 35% for the life of the account.

During the birth of the online gambling industry, concerns over underage gambling were certainly valid. Restrictions were then put into place that made it much harder for minors to participate. In an October 2006 article in The Baptist Press, Sen. Bill Frist (R-Tenn) claims: “Rigorous state enforcement means that brick and mortar casinos make a good faith effort to keep minors away from gambling. The same isn’t so for online casinos: A website can’t tell whether someone is 13 or 35.” That really is not true. Online casinos required picture IDs and bank account information, which is really more than a land casino will require. Thinking fake ID? Yes, an enterprising minor who really wants to gamble may be able to obtain a fake picture ID, and guess what? That will get said minor into a land casino too. I’ve seen people in Atlantic City casinos who didn’t even look 18 let alone 21.

So the real reason seems to be legislators don’t want gambling revenue going overseas. That’s something I can understand and I might even be able to get behind it, if the government would come out and say we’re banning online gambling transfers because Americans are spending 6 billion dollars a year overseas and we think that sucks.

This really should have been a separate bill, but somehow Senator Bill Frist managed to get it attached to the SAFE bill with exceptions for horse racing and state run lotteries. What’s even more amazing about Frist’s bogus moral stance is it’s no secret that Frist accepted campaign contributions from Harrah’s Entertainment!

This past September, two key figures in British gambling firms were actually arrested in the United States. Louisiana was one of eight U.S. states that already had outlawed online gambling, and they had sworn out an arrest warrant for Peter Dick, former chairman of Sportingbet PLC. When Dicks arrived in the U.S. at Kennedy International Airport on September 6, somehow this warrant came up and he was detained. N.Y. Governor Pataki refused to extradite Dicks to Louisiana and he was released. Dicks quit Sportingbet after that.

The other businessman was BetOnSports PLC Chief Executive Officer David Carruthers, who was arrested on federal charges in July at a Dallas airport. These charges stemmed from the 1961 Wire Act. Whether this witchhunt will continue remains to be seen. There is a provision for a 270-day period to develop enforcement measures.

Analysts indicate that the online gambling industry is now moving in two directions. London-based companies are dumping their US bases and making plans to expand their European and Australian markets. Private offshore companies are exploring every available depositing option with their existing payment processors in an effort to salvage their U.S. business.

It is also being predicted by some that the U.S. will reverse its stance at some point when better ways to regulate and tax the industry are developed.

How to Get Your Money Back from the Casino

How to Get Your Money Back from the Casino

It was supposed to be a fun and refreshing weekend get away in Reno, Atlantic City or Vegas. You liked the room rates, restaurants and great service in the hotel. You took $1,000 for the trip – just to blow it gambling – of course, cash, so you wouldn’t be charged by casino ATM fees. So how come now that you came back home on Monday you realized that you actually owe another $1,000 to the casino? You think, “Well, at least I have plenty of comps,” but when you call to see if you have enough for a free night at the hotel, they say you have enough comps, but maybe for a burger at the coffee shop. You throw the phone in the wall and think, “Where did I go wrong”?

The answer is really simple. You took cash, but you also took the whole wallet, including checkbook, credit and debit cards. Just your ID and a voided check is enough to open a credit line at the casino. Something a Casino Host always tries to convince you to do,as he often gets commission out of the credit line used to gamble. The first important message to you – if you don’t want to spend any extra money, the only things that you should bring to the casino are your ID and cash. Do not take any credit or debit cards, neither your checkbook. You can use a cash deposit for check in, instead of swiping the credit card.

If you play slots, tracking your card is pretty simple. Just stick it in the proper slot in the machine and you’re all set. If you’re playing more than one machine, make sure to put all your player cards in each of them. If you have only one with you at the moment, call a slot attendant.He’ll take your ID, and bring you two new ones, so you can be tracked properly.

When you play tables the case is more complicated. Once I had a guest, that was betting anything between 25 and 400 dollars within 4 hours of play. Depending on different casino systems for play on a Black Jack table he should get 50 to 100 dollars in comp money. He didn’t. What happened was, his little pit tracking card,where the pitboss enters time and betting was never entered into the system. My advice – if the casino is modern and either uses swiping system, when you swipe the player’s card as you sit down at the table or the money you play is being tracked by electronic chips you have nothing to worry about. Otherwise make sure every new pitboss sees your action, as they check on you approximately every 15 minutes. Then,afterwards, check your balance on the card, to see if play was registered. If the casino has the policy of hidden balance, and they can’t tell you exactly how many comps you have, they still are able to tell you, what play and on what game was registered.

Here comes last,but the most important tip. Always use your player’s card! Nobody will believe you that you spent 5,000 dollars, but just forgot to put your card in. It might be true, but what proof of that you have? You cannot demand any comp money, as it’s simply because of your laziness, that your money was lost, and it wasn’t registered by the casino player’s system. Of course there are exceptions to that. If you are under influence of alcohol, just make sure your casino host sees you, and sees how much and within what time you are gambling. Simply because of his testimony the casino might put some play on your card, even though you forgot to put it in. It doesn’t apply to everyone, as not every player has a casino host. Only a valuable for the casino gambler will have one. So if you lost $100 within 30 minutes, and you forgot to put the card in, just forget it. You probably wouldn’t get many comps anyway (maybe few dollars). Just remember to use it next time.

How to have good time in the casino? Here’s my advice for both – losers and winners:

1. Gamble wisely. Bring cash, only within the amount you can afford to lose

2. Do not expect winning. Those magnificent places were not built on winners

3. Do not overuse alcohol, as your common sense tends to disappear, and you can wake up with more trouble than just a hangover

4. Use your player’s card – only this way you can get back some of the money you lost by eating and staying at the hotel for free.

Remember to enjoy your visit at the casino, because that is exactly what gambling should be – just fun or you can just play it online.

How to Rob… Oops… Win In the Slot Machines

How to Rob… Oops… Win In the Slot Machines

One-arm bandits, they used to be called because of the side levers you need to pull to spin them and make a payout which seldom come thus rob you instead. Modern technology, however, changed their appearance with just buttons to press to spin them. Nonetheless, they are still the same man-made contraption, computer-generated and therefore, can be programmed and manipulated to favor casino management. Pay-outs can be set according to a certain ratio based on how much money income the machine had already generated; for example, a 20:80 ratio means that for every dollar input, the machines gives a payout of 20 cents. They are programmed further to accumulate the input bets to certain levels before giving randomly the pay outs including the jackpot.
The “bandits” (I still have to refer them as such unless they put on an attitude of being charitable) are the bread-and-butter of the casino establishment. Since they can be programmed, they always rake in the income in favor of management; they never lose. Knowing the mechanics therefore gives you an idea on how to beat the odds over these machines.

Humans that we are and gamblers at that, we oftentimes have that feeling of being lucky; thus, you go to the casino to try your luck maybe out of a gut feeling or perhaps just a sudden urge. Of course, everybody wants to win! Now, if you get that lucky feeling and the “itchy palm” to gamble, follow these “rule of thumb” to beat the odds and win in the slots:

1. Don’t follow your instincts and just try any machine that suits your fancy or which you think lady luck has driven you to. Observe and look for machines that have been played but didn’t payout. They’re bound to loosen-up and make the payout…to you;

2. Casino management usually position “loose” machines near the entrance or among the first in a row of machines. This is to attract and encourage patrons;

3. Vary your betting. Pay outs may come according to the level of your bets. This will also extend or stretch your gambling money for longer playing time;

For progressive jackpot machines or those that give jackpots randomly, you don’t have to bet big money here; just bet on the minimum because this is where you have to depend on sheer luck to win big.

So, there you are! The bottom line is to keep your cool; do not be too aggressive in looking for that pot of gold in the casino. Remember, if you win a million, it means that $5M was contributed by others to give you that $1M. You can’t beat the house, so be cool and play wisely. Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!

Online Gambling Trends Around The World

Online Gambling Trends Around The World

Our first trend is that of online gambling. This is a trend that is extremely topical and is also extremely relevant to the Sports, Entertainment, and Event Management industry. In particular relation to the Sport and Entertainment industry, there is plenty of betting in sports from both fans and the athletes themselves. As a group we have decided that this trend is primarily economic, but secondary a Sports and Entertainment trend. The two articles we have chosen focus on the recent legislation for a U.S ban on Internet gambling singed Friday 13, 2006. The exact ruling is to ban financial payments to offshore accounts and websites. The reason we choose these two articles because it is a significant change that has occurred recently. Also it heavily affects the SEE industry as many of the bets were placed on sports. We also thought the fantasy waging was interesting and how that relates to bets with actual money.

On October 13, 2006 it was announced that British betting company Sportingbet has sold its U.S operations to an Antigua based company for $1. The move came just hours before the U.S ban on internet gambling recently signed by President Bush. Although it seems ridiculous to sell U.S operations so cheaply it has allowed the company to offload $13.2 million of debt and save the company $14 million on shutting down expense.

The second article we choose as a group was written on October 19, 2006 and is about fantasy wagering websites and is entitled Not So Risky Business. We think this article ties in very nicely with our first because it gives the American consumer a new no risk option. The websites work the same way as regular gambling sites, but no money changes hands. Agenbolabagus.com allows it members to challenge others to wagers on sporting events with the winner collecting points. These points can be later redeemed for prizes such as Plasma TV’s and iPods. This fantasy gambling continues to exist because there is a loophole in federal legislation if there is no actual money involved. Sites such as agenbolabagus.com allow users to gain information they can then use for real bets with offshore sites.

We think this trend and these articles are fairly well related to the Strategic management process. We think that this especially relates to the first article on Sportingbet. In the planning stage as they have made a quick decision to pull out of the U.S market. If such quick decisions were not made they would have been left with huge debt and expense to shut down. Our second article also relates to the Strategic management process in a similar way because they are taking advantage of a loophole to ensure these sites remain open.