How to Get Your Money Back from the Casino

How to Get Your Money Back from the Casino

It was supposed to be a fun and refreshing weekend get away in Reno, Atlantic City or Vegas. You liked the room rates, restaurants and great service in the hotel. You took $1,000 for the trip – just to blow it gambling – of course, cash, so you wouldn’t be charged by casino ATM fees. So how come now that you came back home on Monday you realized that you actually owe another $1,000 to the casino? You think, “Well, at least I have plenty of comps,” but when you call to see if you have enough for a free night at the hotel, they say you have enough comps, but maybe for a burger at the coffee shop. You throw the phone in the wall and think, “Where did I go wrong”?

The answer is really simple. You took cash, but you also took the whole wallet, including checkbook, credit and debit cards. Just your ID and a voided check is enough to open a credit line at the casino. Something a Casino Host always tries to convince you to do,as he often gets commission out of the credit line used to gamble. The first important message to you – if you don’t want to spend any extra money, the only things that you should bring to the casino are your ID and cash. Do not take any credit or debit cards, neither your checkbook. You can use a cash deposit for check in, instead of swiping the credit card.

If you play slots, tracking your card is pretty simple. Just stick it in the proper slot in the machine and you’re all set. If you’re playing more than one machine, make sure to put all your player cards in each of them. If you have only one with you at the moment, call a slot attendant.He’ll take your ID, and bring you two new ones, so you can be tracked properly.

When you play tables the case is more complicated. Once I had a guest, that was betting anything between 25 and 400 dollars within 4 hours of play. Depending on different casino systems for play on a Black Jack table he should get 50 to 100 dollars in comp money. He didn’t. What happened was, his little pit tracking card,where the pitboss enters time and betting was never entered into the system. My advice – if the casino is modern and either uses swiping system, when you swipe the player’s card as you sit down at the table or the money you play is being tracked by electronic chips you have nothing to worry about. Otherwise make sure every new pitboss sees your action, as they check on you approximately every 15 minutes. Then,afterwards, check your balance on the card, to see if play was registered. If the casino has the policy of hidden balance, and they can’t tell you exactly how many comps you have, they still are able to tell you, what play and on what game was registered.

Here comes last,but the most important tip. Always use your player’s card! Nobody will believe you that you spent 5,000 dollars, but just forgot to put your card in. It might be true, but what proof of that you have? You cannot demand any comp money, as it’s simply because of your laziness, that your money was lost, and it wasn’t registered by the casino player’s system. Of course there are exceptions to that. If you are under influence of alcohol, just make sure your casino host sees you, and sees how much and within what time you are gambling. Simply because of his testimony the casino might put some play on your card, even though you forgot to put it in. It doesn’t apply to everyone, as not every player has a casino host. Only a valuable for the casino gambler will have one. So if you lost $100 within 30 minutes, and you forgot to put the card in, just forget it. You probably wouldn’t get many comps anyway (maybe few dollars). Just remember to use it next time.

How to have good time in the casino? Here’s my advice for both – losers and winners:

1. Gamble wisely. Bring cash, only within the amount you can afford to lose

2. Do not expect winning. Those magnificent places were not built on winners

3. Do not overuse alcohol, as your common sense tends to disappear, and you can wake up with more trouble than just a hangover

4. Use your player’s card – only this way you can get back some of the money you lost by eating and staying at the hotel for free.

Remember to enjoy your visit at the casino, because that is exactly what gambling should be – just fun or you can just play it online by visiting

How to Rob… Oops… Win In the Slot Machines

How to Rob… Oops… Win In the Slot Machines

One-arm bandits, they used to be called because of the side levers you need to pull to spin them and make a payout which seldom come thus rob you instead. Modern technology, however, changed their appearance with just buttons to press to spin them. Nonetheless, they are still the same man-made contraption, computer-generated and therefore, can be programmed and manipulated to favor casino management. Pay-outs can be set according to a certain ratio based on how much money income the machine had already generated; for example, a 20:80 ratio means that for every dollar input, the machines gives a payout of 20 cents. They are programmed further to accumulate the input bets to certain levels before giving randomly the pay outs including the jackpot.
The “bandits” (I still have to refer them as such unless they put on an attitude of being charitable) are the bread-and-butter of the casino establishment. Since they can be programmed, they always rake in the income in favor of management; they never lose. Knowing the mechanics therefore gives you an idea on how to beat the odds over these machines.

Humans that we are and gamblers at that, we oftentimes have that feeling of being lucky; thus, you go to the casino to try your luck maybe out of a gut feeling or perhaps just a sudden urge. Of course, everybody wants to win! Now, if you get that lucky feeling and the “itchy palm” to gamble, follow these “rule of thumb” to beat the odds and win in the slots:

1. Don’t follow your instincts and just try any machine that suits your fancy or which you think lady luck has driven you to. Observe and look for machines that have been played but didn’t payout. They’re bound to loosen-up and make the payout…to you;

2. Casino management usually position “loose” machines near the entrance or among the first in a row of machines. This is to attract and encourage patrons;

3. Vary your betting. Pay outs may come according to the level of your bets. This will also extend or stretch your gambling money for longer playing time;

For progressive jackpot machines or those that give jackpots randomly, you don’t have to bet big money here; just bet on the minimum because this is where you have to depend on sheer luck to win big.

So, there you are! The bottom line is to keep your cool; do not be too aggressive in looking for that pot of gold in the casino. Remember, if you win a million, it means that $5M was contributed by others to give you that $1M. You can’t beat the house, so be cool and play wisely. Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!

Gambling Tips: Placing Your Bets Well

Gambling Tips: Placing Your Bets Well

There many forms of gambling that people enjoy nowadays. Sports betting, casinos, racing and other types of gambling are now becoming very common. If you are one of those people who want to try gambling as a form of recreation, you should always bear in mind that gambling is something that is done better in moderation. It is not a good idea to be carried away when placing your bets or else you will end up losing a lot of money. You should also bear in mind that gambling is game of chance. There is no certainty that you will win in a game thus you should only gamble the money that you can afford to lose.
Before you start gambling, you should first make sure that the form of gambling that you want to get into is legal. Note that not all forms of gambling are legal. In fact, there are certain states in the country that outlaw some forms of gambling. If you really want to make sure that you are engaged in legal gambling, deal only with those agencies and companies that have the proper permits to operate a gambling house or a betting company.

Is online gambling safe and legal?

There are a number of online gambling companies that are operating legally. If you want to be sure that you are dealing with a legally organized company, you should check if these companies have permits. If they do not have any permits, then it would be wise to stay away from these organizations.

There are many forms of online gambling, which you can actually enjoy inside the comforts of your home. For people who are into sports betting, you can find many online companies that are offering online sport betting opportunities. The good news about these online sports betting companies is that they offer you very good odds to bet on. If you are good at analyzing odds of a game, you could actually win a lot of money through online betting. Another thing that you should always look into before you place you bets with an online betting site is the track record of the company when it comes to paying the winnings of their clients. Note that there are some organizations that are delinquent when it comes to paying winnings. If you do not want to be a victim of one of these companies that do not pay the winnings of their clients, you must make sure that you only place your bets with people who are reliable.

One of the ways to know whether the company is reliable is to check on how long have the company been in business. Most companies who have stayed in business for more than 10 years are reliable when it comes to paying their clients. Companies which have been in business for quite sometimes have already established their working routines, the operations of the company have already stabilized and they have ironed out the kinks in their systems. Another way of knowing whether or not the online betting company is reliable is to look for reviews of their site. If they have been cheating on their clients, you are bound to find some trails of these scams in some blogs or forums.