Poker Player Types

There are basically 4 kinds of players on the tables defining how they play preflop and postflop:

  • Tight-Aggressive
  • Tight-Passive
  • Loose-Aggressive
  • Loose-Passive

Loose (as opposed to tight) is the player who plays more than 25-30% of cards preflop. Passive (as opposed to aggressive) is the player who rarely bets and generally likes to call or check.

Tight-Aggressive style of play (TAGs) is considered as the most profitable and the least exploitable strategy. Most online poker pros are TAGs but there are some exclusions and we shall talk about this later on.

Tight-Passive players care also known as nits or as rocks in extreme cases. These players are hard to exploit but their strategy is non-profitable on the long run.

Loose-Aggressive (LAG) style is probably the most interesting. Many of the best high-stakes pros are considered to be LAGs (for example Viktor Isildur1 Blom or Tom Durrr Dwan). LAG style is very effective against TAG but requires deep understanding of many poker concepts. In no case we would recommend playing LAG style on micro and low stakes simply because players tend to call down a lot with marginal hands.

Loose-Passive players tend to be the biggest loosers at the tables. So called fish or donkey will most probably play this style. They will call with anything pre-flop and give up if they dont hit anything on the postflop. Or when they hit, they will call you down no matter how much you bet. That’s why these players are also known as calling stations.

Now, when you know 4 kinds of players on the tables and how they act during the game, it is time to determine the best strategy for you and follow it. I hope you found this article useful and it will help you to win. Feel free to post your comment if you have what to say.